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  • 1 more episode TV on demand3rd & Bird
    Baby Jordan!
    Sun 13 Apr, 13:20 - Sun 20 Apr
    Colourful adventures of a group of birds who teach children about social responsibility. Mr Beakman's three-year-old nephew Jordan comes to visit.
  • 3 more episodes TV on demand64 Zoo Lane
    The Story of Reginald's New Look
    Mon 14 Apr, 18:10 - Mon 21 Apr
    Cartoon about Lucy, who is told stories by the zoo's animals. Nathalie the antelope decides to give Reginald the lion a makeover.
  • 1 more episode TV on demandAbadas
    Sgeile (Scales)
    Fri 11 Apr, 17:15 - Thu 24 Apr
    Seren shows the other Abadas how good she is at counting when they are sent in search of a scale.
  • TV on demandAbsolute Genius with Dick & Dom
    Sat 12 Apr, 13:05 - Sat 19 Apr
    Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician and expert engineer. Inspired by Archimedes, they come up with their own genius idea.
  • TV on demandAg Ionnsachadh le BlÓrag
    Ag Ionnsachadh le BlÓrag (Learning with Connie) - Caite Bheil Uileam? Uilleam Fliuch is Fiadhaich (Where's Wally? Wet, Wild and Wally)
    Thu 10 Apr, 17:25 - Tue 22 Apr
    BlÓrag is playing hide-and-seek with her friends. Where is Uilleam Bird hiding?
  • 3 more episodes TV on demandAll at Sea
    Mon 14 Apr, 11:30 - Mon 21 Apr
    Charlie and his family move from London to run a bed and breakfast by the sea. When Charlie breaks the microwave, he needs a plan to make money for repairs.
  • TV on demandAll Over the Place: USA
    Mon 14 Apr, 13:50 - Mon 21 Apr
    Ed Petrie and friends discover the most amazing places to visit in the USA. The team ride the roller-coaster that's actually inside the USA's biggest shopping mall.
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandAlmost Naked Animals
    There Are No Small Parts
    Wed 26 Mar, 11:20 - Fri 25 Apr
    Octo gets a job as Dirk Danger's sidekick over Howie.
  • 3 more episodes TV on demandAlphablocks
    Mon 14 Apr, 09:25 - Mon 21 Apr
    Educational fun. A simple skipping game turns into a night at the circus as I, G and H find themselves high up on a tightrope.
  • TV on demandAndy's Wild Adventures
    Mon 14 Apr, 16:30 - Mon 21 Apr
    Preschool wildlife series. Andy and Kip visit the rainy jungles of Borneo to watch orangutans making umbrellas out of leaves.

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