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  • 97 more episodes TV on demandGrand Designs
    Hastings, 2004
    Thu 17 Apr, 08:55 - Thu 31 Dec
    Former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins and his partner Darron have spent years dreaming of building a modernist, Bauhaus-inspired...
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandGrand Designs Abroad
    Westport, Ireland
    Mon 10 Mar, 18:50 - Thu 31 Dec
    Kevin travels to the romantic west coast of Ireland where architect Andrew Lohan is embarking on the conversion of a...
  • 3 more episodes TV on demandGrand Designs Australia
    Tue 15 Apr, 22:00 - Thu 15 May
    Brunella loves concrete - the way it looks and the way it feels - so it's her first choice of...
  • 4 more episodes TV on demandGrand Designs Revisited
    Grand Designs
    Fri 10 Jan, 19:55 - Mon 31 Dec
    London couple Ian and Sophie Cooper plan to restore a 200-year-old listed industrial building in an area of outstanding natural...
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandGreat British Menu
    North West Main
    Wed 16 Apr, 19:30 - Sat 26 Apr
    Top chefs compete to cook at a banquet marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The three north-west chefs try to redeem themselves with their main course.
  • 19 more episodes TV on demandGreat British Railway Journeys
    Taunton to Minehead
    Wed 16 Apr, 19:30 - Wed 23 Apr
    Michael Portillo explores a church that moves in mysterious ways and summons all his strength to move a one hundred and ten tonne steam locomotive. ( R )
  • 1 more episode TV on demandGreat Canal Journeys
    Canal du Nivernais
    Sun 6 Apr, 11:05 - Wed 30 Apr
    For the last stage of Tim and Pru's canal odyssey, they head to France's burgundy wine region to visit the...
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandHairy Bikers' Best of British
    Wed 16 Apr, 15:30 - Wed 23 Apr
    The Bikers celebrate the potato, from a Lancashire potato and butter pie to a chicken casserole with potato cobbler, and look at how British potato vodka is winning awards. ( R )
  • 10 more episodes TV on demandHelp! My House Is Falling Down
    Help! My House Is Infested
    Mon 14 Apr, 17:45 - Sun 27 Jul
    In this one-off special Sarah and a team of expert pest-busters rescue homeowners suffering from serious cases of infestation. At a...
  • TV on demandHeston's Christmas Feast
    Heston's Christmas Feast S1E5
    Sun 23 Dec, 22:00 - Mon 31 Dec
    Heston creates the ultimate Christmas feast including a lavish appetiser loved by King Charles II made from whale vomit. Heston...

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